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NOV/DEC 2017

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Agarwal: We are hyper-focused on profitability but also execution. As an operations executive, it's my job to make sure we stay above water but also to determine how to deliver value. Part of my initial focus when I joined Birchbox was to determine how to create a qual- ity experience that we may not be providing today be- cause we're moving so quickly. From there, it was about making profitably scalable. That's what I've been work- ing on for the past year. Also, we're successful because we listen to our cus- tomers. If you listen to your customers, you can hear what they want. That's ultimately what should drive your innovation. The space in between is what your customers are not asking for yet. Retail executives need to stay on top of other interesting players in the market. Yet, it's not even about staying abreast of other beauty players per se but rather identifying the interesting things your customers are doing in their lives that can help you learn more about them. You learn that by figuring out where else they are gravitat- ing to in the market. R Retail Executive: We live in a subscrip- tion-heavy retailing world now. How do you keep going, and how does Birchbox differentiate itself? Agarwal: Birchbox's innovation wasn't the simple concept of delivering a monthly box of beauty samples — it was understanding that although not every woman is passionate about beauty, every woman deserves to get the best products. This insight allows Birchbox to tap into an enormous group of underserved consumers and awaken their relationship with beauty by making it relevant, easy, and approachable. We personalize ev- ery box with five samples tailored to each customer's individual needs and preferences and offer the stron- gest loyalty program in the beauty industry so they can earn rewards while shopping full-size versions of their favorite products in our shop. Retail Executive: Birchbox has been wildly successful. What's driving the success? THE SAFES WITH AN INFINITE NUMBER OF COMBINATIONS. Create the cash-handling and cash-reporting system that's completely your own. Validate, secure, dispense, manage, and account for every transaction on any combination of devices you choose — while enjoying flexibility, security, technology, remote serviceability and unparalleled quality. With FireKing, the options are limitless. See how Ascent can take you to the top. safes will get you there. RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 21

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