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NOV/DEC 2017

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your work quality and pro- ductivity. I want to make sure I love wherever I am. It makes me want to work harder. It makes me want to adopt the customer as my own. And, as for the company, it really knows what it's getting into on its end as well. Retail Executive: Explain the culture at Birchbox. Agarwal: Our culture is innovative — very inno- vative. We strive to empower every individual, every team, to truly innovate in each of its roles. At some companies, people in junior roles are simply given a list of tasks to accomplish. We don't believe in that at Birchbox. Our employees are not just executors. For example, two years ago, we were not proactively managing all of our packaging, because we were grow- ing that quickly. We wanted beautiful packaging, but we also needed to keep up with the orders. Our employ- team; then I ran creative operations for a while, and then I did internal strategy. These various roles offered me a holis- tic view of the company and how retail actually works. By the time I was ready to move on from Gilt, I had been part of every team. I was simply ready for a new challenge, and, so, I took the same in- formational interview approach as I did during my first job search. I met with several people, and I ended up being introduced to Hayley Barna, one of the founders of Birchbox. I was very impressed with and fascinated by the business model. At the end of that conversation, her question to me was, "Would you be open to working here?" Even though I hadn't gone into the conversation ready to accept a position, I jumped at the opportuni- ty. It ended up being perfect timing, because they were looking for their first operations director, whose job it would be to bring together various areas of the busi- ness to concentrate on scalability and profitability. There's such risk in joining a company because you need a job. Maybe you're not the right fit for them; may- be they're not the right fit for you. Ultimately, it impacts RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 19

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