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NOV/DEC 2017

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ers and brands will need to work closely together to offer a tru- ly great global customer experience. More and more customers from Singapore to San Francisco are expecting to have similar service levels, such as two-day shipping and familiar products, but geographic regions have different readiness levels and in- frastructure to support those expectations. "The balance then ply chain vendors. "We will work with a subset of vendors who are representative of the broader base, so we can run a pilot," she says. "Those pilots may involve new forecasting approaches, dif- ferent tools to understand performance, and so on. And we use that subset as a representative of the broader base. We're con- stantly hypothesizing and testing different approaches — for ex- ample, approaches for a soft line vendor versus a hard line vendor. Throughout the pilot process, we make adjustments to ensure that the solution can scale once it's launched. When we launch new supply chain capabilities, we start with a press release and work backward by articulating the unique experience we want to deliver for the customer." B A L A N C I N G T H E G L O B A L & L O C A L S U P P LY C H A I N DePree uses various principles and methodologies in her role to impact Amazon's complex global supply chain. Indeed, she states that while there are global flows occurring today, most cus- tomer-facing supply chains are still regional. Customers' expectations for global shopping in the future will re- quire an influx of global logistics op- tions at a speed and ease that aren't available today. At the same time, retail- IT COSTS YOU NOTHING, JUST LIKE OUR SOLUTIONS Our enterprise-level vendor performance and compliance SAAS solutions are proven to improve supply chain performance. Email your request now for a complimentary, no-obligation Opportunity Assessment to: Automation Chargeback Creation & Notification Collaboration Vendor Portals & Scorecards Intelligence PO Lifecycle & Fill Rate Visibility RILA Supply Chain 2018 @ Booth 708 Our working backwards documents act as actual press releases — we literally write the title as it should appear in a newspaper of record. Alexis DePree, VP Global Supply Chain, Customer Fulfillment, Amazon RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 15

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