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NOV/DEC 2017

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Questions To Gauge Your Omni-channel Readiness 10 Read the full-length report, Omni-channel Store Health Assess- ment: Only The Strong Can Survive, by Paula Rosenblum and Nik- ki Baird, Managing Partners at . FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON CONVENIENCE Do you help consumers organize their shopping needs? As with shopping lists or tools? 1 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON LOW PRICES Do you keep a running total of how much the local community has saved at each store? 2 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON PRODUCT AVAILABILITY How good is your online inventory visibility? Can you show customers projected on- hand? 4 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON LIFESTYLE EXPERTISE Do you provide lifestyle checklists? Like "how to pack for desert camping" or "new baby essentials"? 3 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON CUSTOMER SERVICE Do you provide proprietary information that helps consumers evaluate quality vs. price? 7 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Do you provide quizzes or configurators to help shoppers feel like the selection experience is tailored to them? 8 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS Do you keep a running total of how much the local com- munity has saved at each store? 6 FOR RETAIL FOCUSED ON CURATED PRODUCTS How well do stores provide content that educates retail- ers about product categories? 5 IS YOUR STORE STRATEGY ALIGNED WITH YOUR RETAIL BRAND PROMISE? We surveyed retailers and found less than half have even moderate alignment. 9 DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TACTICS IN PLACE TO DELIVER ON BRAND PROMISES IN YOUR RETAIL STORES? Find out in our StoreSTART omni-channel health check. 10 THE STORE The List By RSR 10 QUESTIONS TO GAUGE YOUR OMNI-CHANNEL READINESS RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 11

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