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NOV/DEC 2017

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The Evolution Of The Strategic CMO EXPECTATION REALITY Marketers today are expected to be growth drivers However, they are lacking support to make that expectation a reality WHAT CMOs KNOW THEY NEED TO DO 48% say crafting GROWTH STRATEGIES 44% say defining and SHAPING THE BRAND 42% say EXECUTING CAMPAIGNS WHA T THEY ARE S TUCK DOING & WHA T ARE THEY NEGLECTING 42% are ATTENDING meetings 45% are REVIEWING budgets, plans, content, and campaign elements 37% are EVOLVING brand narrative are finding ways to RECOVER, REACTIVATE AND RE-ENGAGE customers are EMBRACING new MONETIZATION programs are MODIFYING MARKETING PRACTICES to optimize performance ONLY 8% ONLY 15% ONLY 10% HOW CAN MARKETERS SHIFT TO OPTIMIZE BUSINESS LIFT? REGAIN CONTROL AND SHAPE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE REALIGN TECHNOLOGY VISION AS AN INNOVATION DRIVER ACCEPT THE ROLE OF GROWTH DRIVER AND SHIFT THE CMO TO A REVENUE- CENTRIC VISION The insights within this infographic are based on a new CMO Council report titled The CMO Shift to Gaining Business Lift. The report findings were gleaned from a CMO survey of over 200 marketing executives, conducted in partnership with Deloitte. For additional information or to download the full report, please visit 68% of senior managers EXPECT CMOs to be growth drivers ONLY 31% say LOB leaders are SUPPORTIVE of marketing's role as growth driver MARKETING By The numbers RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 10

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