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store associate's fashion sense and speeds their ability to pick prod- uct. Embracing IoT requires a totally new labor strategy. It's time for HR and IT departments to become best friends. 3. AUTONOMOUS MACHINES The robots are coming! For years, robots have built our cars for us. Beyond that, robots have been confined to science fiction. Advances in sensing, AI, batteries, and mechanics are finally making robots broadly viable. You can already find robots in many areas. Amazon purchased Kiva robotics to automate its warehouse picking processes. Bossa Nova robotics has been building and testing exciting new robots able to do stock-taking. Lowe's Orchard Supply Hardware has exper- imented with robot greeters, able to recognize what customers are looking for and escort them to the correct aisle of the store. One of the most transformational robotic innovations comes from Starship Technologies, which has built fleets of delivery robots able to autonomously navigate sidewalks to deliver items direct to a cus- tomer's front door. The six-wheeled robots live inside a specially converted van, which acts like a mother ship. Algorithms guide the (human) driver of the van to the optimally central, safe place to de- ploy the robots. The robots then scatter to do their deliveries and re- turn to the van ready to go to the next drop-off point. Starship claims its technology will ultimately enable deliveries for a dollar. Every retailer needs to be asking themselves what their one-dol- lar-one-hour delivery strategy is. How many people will still come to your store when you can deliver in an hour, for a dollar? 4. AUGMENTED WORKERS There are still many tasks robots just aren't suited for, and that will be true for the foreseeable future. Robots have strength, reliability, and endurance on their side. They're great for repetitive tasks, but they just don't have the dexterity or empathy most human beings are born with. Augmented reality (AR) technology holds great promise. In the January/February edition of Innovative Retail Technologies , I re- viewed virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology. A head- set with augmented or mixed reality can be used to guide workers on how to perform a task, essentially offering real-time, on-the-job training. This enables complex tasks to be performed by pairing the insights of algorithms and AI with the physical dexterity of a person. What you have created in this scenario is an augmented worker. Tri- als of augmented reality task management are already underway in the construction, maintenance, and logistics sectors. Applications in retail are bound to follow, including in the stockroom, distribution centers, and beyond. No company is immune from the next big wave of automation. Both blue and white collar jobs will be transformed. Smart leaders will find ways to maximize the effectiveness of their employees rath- er than seeking to replace them with automation technology. The best retail teams will be made up of people, algorithms, and ro- bots working closely together. The digital intelligence of algorithms and robots will support the emotional intelligence of retail employ- ees so that they can optimize the shopping experience for custom- ers. At the end of the day, brands are about trust. And trust comes from the humanity in your brand. 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