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Things Retailers Should Know When Hiring Millennials 10 Adam Braun founded MissionU in response to his wife's inability to pay back more than $100,000 in student loans. Frustrated with the U.S. education system, Braun built MissionU to provide a for- ward-thinking, world-class higher education program that prepares its students for the real world — debt free. Academic scholars and advisors from Harvard Innovation Lab, Stan- ford Graduate School of Business, MIT Media Lab, and more help craft MissionU's curriculum. Students should expect a full-time com- mitment for one calendar year that includes experience with actual companies. MissionU's student-centered approach means no up- front tuition and no high-risk loans. Instead, students contribute 15 percent of their income for just three years after the program ends, and only if they're earning $50,000 per year or more. Learn more about higher education for the 21st century at THEY'RE FOCUSED ON THEIR CAREERS Millennials are forward thinking and see retail jobs as a stepping stone. They'll take the job seriously but will think of their path above all. 1 THEY WANT TO BUILD OUT THEIR SKILLS Contrary to their lazy reputation, millennials are always looking for ways to improve their résumés. They will cherish an opportunity to learn new skills, es- pecially technical ones. 2 THEY WANT THE JOB FOR DIFFERENT REASONS Some millennials want to develop their client interaction skills while others are just looking for a pay- check. Understanding their motivation is key to suc- cessfully managing them. 3 THEY DON'T LIKE BEING ORDERED AROUND Millennials want to feel like humans, not re- sources. If they make a mistake, a soft approach, like gently pulling them aside, is most effective. 4 THEY TAKE PRINCIPLES SERIOUSLY They need to feel good about the company they work for and prefer brands that have a commitment to social causes. Even if they have an entry-level job, working for a brand with a social commitment will give them purpose. 7 THEY WANT THEIR OPINIONS TO BE VALUED Millennials don't want to feel like tools but as valued parts of the company. Give them a chance to ex- press their opinions: They will appreciate seeing you respect them intellectually. 8 THEY'RE FOCUSED ON THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE Millennials value their schedules and work-life separation. If you need them to work more hours, ask far in advance: They won't appreciate the last-minute surprise. 9 THEY WANT TO BE VALUED INDIVIDUALLY They want you to know that this list doesn't apply to all of them. Millennials are very self-aware and know that no mold fits all. For example, ask them for their personality type; it will show them you appreciate their uniqueness. R 10 EXPECTATIONS ARE IMPORTANT FOR THEM Don't surprise millennials with a demand out- side of their job description. It's always better to give them an option: They will feel in control. 6 THEY WANT TO TALK TO CUSTOMERS Millennials enjoy building relationships with customers, especially those around their age. It's a way for them to spice up their day. See it as an opportunity for the customer to put a friendly face to the brand. 5 HIRING The List By A. Braun 10 THINGS RETAILERS SHOULD KNOW WHEN HIRING MILLENNIALS RETAILEXECUTIVE.COM SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 11

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